Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy.
It’s not solely about nutrients and calories.
It’s about compassion.
It’s about sharing.
It’s about harmony.  

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Our Story

Two Sisters with a Big Dream
SeedShack is a vision started by two sisters who want to offer plant based dining. Located in Gilbert, AZ. Our restaurant is family owned and offers Gluten Free Options. Our food is delicious and isn’t catered to just vegans but people from all diverse backgrounds. Welcome!

“I got my vegan Thanksgiving pre-ordered from Seed Shack and was very thankful during the whole meal. I didn't feel left out from the family dinner like I normally do. Plus it is so hard to find a genuinely GOOD vegan Mac & cheese and their whole menu is just great (as I've tried so far!).

The owner is such a dear and works way too hard to make this vegan restaurant a reality for all of us in the east valley. Definitely recommend. I'm very excited to try the oriental twist they're doing on the Impossible Burger!” — Danielle M

We went to try out this new restaurant for brunch today. Since neither of us were vegetarians we tried the Beyond burger and avocado toast with bacon.  My husband, who's a meat-lover, was not disappointed by the burger. The patty was juicy and the 'cashew cheese' was a nice touch. The sweet potato fries were not greasy and only lightly salted. The avocado toast was nice and thick, and the rice-paper bacon had real bacon taste and crunch. All the ingredients tastes fresh and we didn't have to wait too long for the food to come out. The restaurant is relaxed, I loved the decor and there's free wifi and electrical outlets at every booth seat for your devices. I look forward to coming back and trying other menu items. — Selma L

Seed Shack is a fantastic place for vegan foods. We signed up for the special Christmas Eve dinner to try them out for the first time. We were not disappointed. The food was excellent. We liked it so much we came in the very next week for breakfast. Seed Shack is a great East Valley vegan dining choice. I would highly recommend them. — Dan M

Seed Shack is a huge blessing in the East Valley as there aren't many plant-based restaurants out here, and it happens to be close to my workplace. Their staff is so nice and their food is made with so much care and love - never had a bad experience there. I highly recommend this place to everyone even non-Vegans because their food is healthy and delicious! — Yuri L.